Year's of Service Recognition Awards Motivate Long Service

There can be little doubt that employee retention is a huge contributor to the bottom line of almost any company. The cost to advertise for, interview, hire, evaluate initial performance, and train a new employee can be thousands of dollars. Being proactive in establishing incentive programs to keep highly trained staff in place can save the company money and stress.

Companies commonly offer financial and perk incentives such as more vacation time, pay raises, and advancement to encourage the best employees to stay with their company, and to work towards improving their effectiveness. And most companies also provide some type of recognition through awards and presentation of those awards for years of service. Why do these types of programs work?

Imagine 50, 100, or even more staffers gathered together for a lunch or dinner. The company builds up the importance of this affair, and all employees know that it is not just "one more meeting." The master of ceremonies explains that the company has a special appreciation for those who are loyal, faithful, enthusiastic supporters of the company and its mission.

Next, the MC might have everyone stand. Then ask those with under one year to sit. Then two years, and so on. At 10 years there might only be a handful standing. Maybe they are asked to come forward.

Already, each person in the room has been somewhat proud of their being recognized. They are also thinking about the day when their recognition will be greater due to longer years of service. This just for the cost of lunch and a few minutes of time.

The MC now begins to take out the awards. These could include some form of gifts, certificates, or cash, but almost always will include a lapel pin. The lapel pins can be differentiated based on years of service. This can be done through the quality of the base metal, moving from silver to gold filled to 14 karat gold. Or the steps might be through the use of various precious stones. There can also be a stamped number in the pin itself.

By giving a short speech about each person so honored, and by making sure that the pin is presented in a quality box, the award has great significance. The message to the recipient is about a job well done, and a hope for a long future together. The message to the rest of those assembled is that they, too, can someday be thus honored.