The Excellence Line Story

Since the early 50's our fine jewelry factory has been manufacturing gold, silver, and plated jewelry items for the award business. Every part of the process, from stamping the original metal to the final polishing of the finished piece is completed within our facilities by highly experienced and trained artisans.

Before the item goes to the factory, our art staff helps with the concept and design to insure that the final piece will delight the recipient and accomplish the goals of the organization.

Through the years we have developed capabilities that give us a full range of fine jewelry manufacturing options, including piercing, cloisonné, adding precious or semi-precious stones, and various finishes.

We have found over the years that the presentation is critical to getting the maximum hoped-for result of the award. We commonly provide recommendations for the methods of packaging the jewelry item to enhance the perceived value.

We are a member of Advertising Specialties International (ASI) and sell all of our products through specialty distributors. If you are interested in purchasing product, and need a distributor to help you, we will be happy to recommend several.